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    There are very few accounting solutions that live up to the efficiency of QuickBooks. As a complete accounting package, QuickBooks offers users accounting applications as well as cloud-based tools to help you manage your finances in a better way. QuickBooks is primarily designed for small and medium-sized businesses and allows you to perform a range of accounting tasks including schedule bill payments, track expenses, manage payroll functions, and so on. But the software is not always error-free and this can be a drawback for users. Since you may not know everything about QuickBooks it best that you call the QuickBooks Support Number and ask for additional help whenever you encounter an error that you do not understand. It also helps to learn as much as possible about QB errors so that you can avoid them in the future. You can start by reading this article that gives some helpful suggestions on how to fix QB Error 1303.

    Steps to solve QuickBooks Error 1303

    Error 1303 is an installation error that usually occurs when the system group may not have the necessary privileges or ‘Full Control’ of the directory mentioned in the error message. You can resolve the error by manually changing the required settings to ‘Full Control’ for the desired groups. Normally you could use a utility tool to reset the settings but this does not work on Windows Vista. Hence you will need to follow the steps given below to manually change the permissions:

    • Step 1: Click on the start menu and type in the given location: C:\ProgramData\Common Files\
    • Step 2: When the folder opens click on ‘Organize’ and then go to the properties section.
    • Step 3: Open the ‘Security’ tab in the properties section and click ‘Advanced’ to edit the settings.
    • Step 4: Navigate to the ‘Permission’ entries list and double-click to select the ‘System’ user.
    • Step 5: Go to the ‘Allow’ column and tick the checkbox appropriate row to enable ‘Full Control’. Do the same steps of the ‘Everyone’ group as well.
    • Step 6: Click on the box that reads ‘Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object’
    • Step 7: Go to the advanced security settings and the common file's properties and click ‘Ok’.
    • Step 8: Once you have made all the necessary changes, connect to the internet and reinstall QuickBooks.

    Additional troubleshooting steps

    Just in case QuickBooks does not download even after changing the setting you may need to turn off settings for simple file sharing using the steps given below:

    • Right-click ‘Start’ and open Windows Explorer
    • Open the ‘Tools’ menu and click ‘Folder Options’
    • Click the ‘View’ tab and open the list of advanced settings
    • Remove the checkmark for the option ‘Use simple file sharing (recommended)’

    Once the file sharing option is switched off you should be able to install QuickBooks without any trouble.  However, if the installation fails again you can call the Quickbooks Desktop Customer Service Phone Number and consult an expert to implement advanced troubleshooting steps that will quickly resolve QB Error 1303.

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