NBA 2K20 will also feature WNBA players and teams

  • Leonard and George are now the second highest rated duo in the game behind the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and their possible starting lineup, Leonard, George, Patrick Beverley, Maurice Harkless, and Montrez Harrell is one of the best defensive units you can find in basketball over the past 15 years. There will be a number of people picking this team when NBA 2K20 is released.


    Leonard reportedly wanted the Clippers to find another star to convince him to leave the Toronto Raptors, where he'd just won an NBA title, and to spurn the Lakers who attempted to position themselves with a new Big 3. It wanted Leonard to join LeBron and Davis, but that is clearly not what the former wanted, and now he has a chance to help bring a championship to another franchise that has never won a title. Also, Leonard and George are both LA natives, so this is a homecoming story as well.


    While this first image from NBA 2K20 doesn't feature Leonard, I'd expect to see him and George rocking Clippers jerseys in an upcoming social media post over the next few weeks. Likewise, James and Davis new teammates like Danny Green, DeMarcus Cousins, and others will probably get the 2K treatment too. This year game will also feature WNBA players and teams for the first time. We got a quick look at Wilson of the Las Vegas Aces in the trailer below. While fans will be looking for the NBA player renders, many will also be waiting to see what the ladies look like in this year game, and also if there will be women MyPlayers for the MyCareer mode.


    If you are like me, you are hoping to see that happen. The developers at 2K will have a challenge keeping Fall from being a bit of a cheat code. Size is a major factor in 2K, and it has been a bit exaggerated in previous versions. In 2K, bigger players cover ground quicker, and thus they play faster than their speed and agility ratings would suggest. Thereby, one of Fall biggest weaknesses (mobility) might not be as much of an issue as it should be.


    If Fall is in the game, it wouldn't be the first time 2K has produced a render for a player of his size. NBA legend Manute Bol is in the game as a Washington Wizards legend and as a part of the MyTeam mode. There is an excellent offseason roster available for the PlayStation 4 with a fan-made version of Fall. It comes from 2K user XvClutchOz. I've mentioned a few offseason rosters in the past few weeks, but this one might have the most consistent updates of any of them on PS4.


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