Ever imagined that this Onmyoji Arena game is very similar

  • Onmyoji Arena is the mobile MOBA game of the Onmyoji capacitor, sponsored by the Chinese game giant NetEase Games. NetEase Games is trying to bring its flagship mobile MOBA game to the Onmyoji Arena around the world, but the move to add more languages of many countries into the game is their firm affirmation. Mobile Union Arena of Valor of Tencent Games will have to compete with heavyweights with many outstanding advantages. At this time, gamers Onmyoji Arena will not only have to confront players from Asian countries, but also compete with many competitors from other regions. With the global version, many new languages will also be updated by NetEase Games. The time for the official launch of this international version Onmyoji Arena is only calculated in days.


    Onmyoji Arena is one of the MOBA games in which all heroes are in the form of Shikigami or some kind of stealth or mythological creature from Japan. Ever imagined that this Onmyoji Arena game is very similar to one of the Inuyasha anime? Many Onmyoji Arena fans commented on this at the Onmyoji Arena fanpage. Interestingly, NetEase as the publisher of the Onmyoji Arena game agreed with this by launching an event crossover between Onmyoji Arena and Inuyasha. You can see first hand this news on the official Facebook fanpage from Onmyoji Arena. In the fanpage there is one post which shows a crossevent between Onmyoji Arena and Inuyasha will be held. There has been no detailed news about what characters were brought in at the Onmyoji Arena. Will the Inuyasha character be present in the form of a new Shikigami or just a skin.


    One of the most important roles at Onmyoji Arena is the jungler. This role is usually held by Shikigami with class Ninja, because in fact the ninja class has the nature of carry or is very weak at the beginning, but very strong at the end of the game. Therefore, usually the ninja class will take on the role of a jungler, to facilitate leveling and farming. More information is on rvgm.com where you can buy Onmyoji Arena Top Up.


    As mentioned above, a role jungler Shikigami has a carry trait that will become very strong at the end of the game. Therefore, don't try to directly fight the enemy when the equipment is still not ready. Even though you take a role jungler, it doesn't mean you are ignorant to pay attention to the lane. It's a good idea to help your teammates to defeat the enemy, or at least destroy the tower. The key is to always look at the map, if there is a lane that is indicated to do the war, immediately help the lane so that you can change the situation to win.