FIFA 20 will have to convince the fans in another way

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    As every year FIFA should return for a new opus in September. After a rather mixed edition, we hope that EA Sports will recover and significantly improve its game. We have listed 5 things we would like to see in FIFA 20. We can start with the career mode. This mode of play rather appreciated by the players has remained unchanged for some editions already. We hope that it will undergo a redesign or at least some big changes to make the simulation even more advanced.

    Long kept quiet, the 2020 edition of FIFA is well planned by EA. While the 2018 and 2019 editions shone by the proximity of the World Cup in the calendar, this new game will have to convince the fans in another way. Several very different modes are thus on the program. No specific date is yet known about the release of FIFA 20. But all the previous episodes were released at the same time of the year during the last week of September. It is not forbidden to think that this new game will also see the day between 25 and 30 September 2019.

    We know that Electronic Arts is going to take care of the promotion campaign of its hen with golden eggs. And to slowly raise the pressure to a few days of the official presentation of the title, the US publisher is content to send two visuals showing the logo and color code of this new edition. Nothing really exciting at the moment, even if it already allows us to get back to the forefront of the contours of what this new edition could offer, especially around the rights of the Champions League, but also with a brand new fashion History since FIFA 19 put an end to the rich career of Alex Hunter.

    A few days of revelations around the next simulation of football made in Electronic Arts, we look at one of the elements that makes the salt of this annual event, who will be designated as ambassador to illustrate the FIFA 20 cover? To this question we think necessarily of the two world stars who have shared the Ballon d'Or for ten years, before Luka Modric takes center stage, then goes off in the wake in the field. If it is hard to see how the Croatian could take the lead this year (and even the following years), Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo also have little chance to run for the job.

    Released last September, FIFA 19 was like every year particularly expected by football fans on consoles. With big shots of trailers all more spectacular than the others, EA Sports did not miss its promotional campaign. By taking advantage of an umpteenth prestigious exclusivity, the Champions League, just to undress even a little more competition. At the time of the assessment, the seers seem to be green for the sports simulation; the FIFA Ultimate Team mode is attracting increasing interest, sales of the current opus are at its highest, the proposed content has expanded, while the imminent next generation of consoles should not upset this balance.