How To Change Google Account Password

  • Steps To Change The Password of Google Account

    Google is a worldwide famous search engines. Google provides a free email service to its users through which users can send and receive email and get access to other Google applications like YouTube etc. Our Google account is protected by a password which also helps in logging in. Keeping the same password for quite long can increase the risk of account getting hacked. Also users can forget the old password. Therefore it is better to change password once in a while. Changing our Gmail account password is a very easy process.

    If you want to know how to change Google account password then you can follow the steps given below in this blog:

    • Go to the Gmail sign-in page.
    • Enter your email address of the account.
    • Then click next.
    • Now enter our password and log in.
    • When your account opens, go to the op right corner.
    • Click the circle with your profile picture or the initials of your name.
    • A small box will appear. Select ‘Google Account’ option from there.
    • A new page will open
    • On the left side a menu with various options will be given.
    • Select ‘Security’ option.
    • Under security page more options will be given.
    • Under ‘Signing in to Google’ select ‘Password’ option.
    • A window will open. You need to enter your current password here.
    • After this a page will appear where you can create a new password.
    • Enter a new password. Make sure your password is strong and contain at least 8 characters. Also try not using the same password for your other accounts.
    • Re-enter the password.
    • Then click ‘Change Password’ at the end.
    • Your password will be changed.

    Remember that if you Change Google Account Password then you will be signed out of all your devices like phone. You will have to enter the new password on all devices again to login.

    If you face any difficulty in changing your password or you are stuck somewhere then you can contact the customer support of Google. The executives will guide you and provide solutions to solve your problem.