How To Delete Gmail Account From iPhone

  • Check out the steps to delete Gmail account from iPhone

    Gmail account is the widely used email account which is linked to Google services as well as third-party applications. Gmail can also be accessed on smartphones as per requirement. It is compatible with all the devices as well as operating systems.

    If a user is accessing the Gmail account on an iPhone, it requires all the settings. In case, the user wants to delete the Gmail account from iPhone, a procedure is followed.

    In order to know how to delete Gmail account on iPhone, below mentioned steps are followed:

    • Initial step is to open the Settings app which has a gear icon in iPhone.
    • In the next step, user needs to scroll down and tap on Accounts & Passwords button.
    • After that, in the Accounts section, Gmail is tapped to proceed further for removing the account from iPhone.
    • Further, by scrolling down on the page, Delete account button is tapped to delete the account.
    • When a new box is prompted on the screen, user is required to click on the Delete account button. It will instantly remove the Gmail account and data linked with the account from iPhone.

    By following these steps, know how to delete Gmail account on iPhone the user will easily get more information.

    Some of the common issues faced by a Gmail account user are as follows:

    • Recovering Gmail account password is a common issue.
    • Issue might come up while resetting the password for a Gmail account.
    • Some issue might come up during the deletion process of Gmail account.
    • While configuring the Gmail account in an application, a user might face issue.

    In case of any assistance regarding Gmail issues or to delete the Gmail account, technical support of Google can be easily contacted. The Gmail users will be provided with best assistance by the technical support person using their skills and knowledge. They can be easily contacted by dialing the phone number, writing an email or through live chat support. All the contact info could be found on the official website of Google or Gmail.