How to keep your McAfee Security intact with McAfee Security Sc


    McAfee Activate Security Scan Plus does not function as an antivirus program detecting and removing malware threats. Instead, the program is like a watchdog with a specific purpose to keep a close eye on your defenses at all times. Its primary objective is to analyze the live status of your security and notify you if there is a trace of vulnerability.

    Your security status is determined by the state of your firewall protection wherein several other factors play a significant role in ensuring the overall security. Your Security status might be switches off or expired without you having any knowledge about it. McAfee Security Scan Plus gives you complete feedback of your current security standards and lets you know if there is any risk, even suggest you with security recommendations to protect your system.

    What roles McAfee Security Scan Plus

    The program ensures the security of your security and keeps track of changes in your security status.

    It examines the overall status of your firewall protection and antivirus functions, scans your browsing history for suspicious activities, and programs running in the background to check out if there is a trace of malware, Trojan, or infected files in your system. If you’re using a Windows PC, you should know such detections are very common but McAfee Security Scan Plus makes these alerts more prominent.

    Is McAfee Security Scan Plus an antivirus program?

    McAfee Security Scan is what we consider to call, or known by “Bloatware”, “Junkware”, “Crapware”, or anything that resembles a technical sounding term for such a program. Do not get confused it with McAfee antivirus software as it neither detects nor protects you from any cyber threat. It doesn’t even remove malware and virus threats even if it’s a confirmed detection.

    How do I get McAfee Security Scan Plus on my Windows PC?

    McAfee Security Scan Plus is a free diagnostic tool you can download by visiting that automatically checks and report if your antivirus is running properly.

    The application requires only 1 MB of space and takes less than 1 minutes to download and install by using a broadband connection. Once the installation is complete, run a scan. It takes 2-3 minutes to complete the process and consequently, slows down your PC.

    Does it require manual actions when McAfee Security Scan Plus displays an alert?

    No, an immediate action is not necessary as it automatically starts the scanning process within 60 seconds of alert.

    What are the different status types it will display in the protection status bar?

    The outcome of your status report will display any of the following messages:

    • Your PC is at risk
    • Scan your PC
    • Issues found
    • No issues found
    • McAfee is protecting your PC

    The status types give you an overall picture of your computer security, based on what your security software reports.

    Is it possible to change how often McAfee Security Scan Plus scans my PC?

    Off course, you can change the settings as per your security preferences depending on how often you want McAfee Security Scan Plus to scan your PC. Follow the steps to schedule the scan period by weekly or monthly:

    1. Click to open “McAfee Security Scan Plus” Wizard
    2. Go to the “Settings”
    3. Set the timing as per your preferences
    4. Click “Apply” to implement the settings

    To conclude my thoughts

    McAfee Security Scan Plus is a kind of a surveillance system that ensures that your digital security stays in vigorous shape. In case, you don’t find much in this article, about the roles and significance of McAfee Security Scan Plus, or if you want to know how to download, install and implement the security scan, you’re recommended to contact McAfee Com Activate