What do you expect from a laser hair straightener?

  • Many patients who use laser hair removal equipment and techniques often have come up with so many unpredictable expectations about the time of laser effectiveness. To avoid creating unrealistic expectations about the time of the effectiveness of the laser hair removal method, it's better to start with facts about how this procedure works. The process of removing excess hair with laser requires several sessions to achieve the desired result of permanent hair removal. Excessive hair is destroyed only by the laser method in the growth phase (anagen phase) by the laser method, and hair remnants that grow up in each of the laser therapy sessions in the dormant or shedding phases. At each session, some of the hair that is in the growth phase is destroyed, and when several laser therapies are conducted on a site, it can be guaranteed that all the hair in that area will be completely eliminated. During the course of treatment, patients can expect to experience periods without any hair in between each session. Because the hair that is being treated falls in the midst of periods. In most cases, patients will no longer need to modify their hair before the third laser treatment session.

    Post-treatment period of hair loss using laser

    The laser treatment period itself is very simple, and it takes a little time to complete. At the same time, as advices and examinations are important before the start of the course, the way you treat your skin, as well as keeping it in the days and weeks after the course, is also very important. Note that after laser therapy, stimulation and inflammation in the skin are common in many cases, which often resolve without any problems after a long period of time.
    The feeling of itching and redness of the skin is quite normal within 24 hours of the laser treatment period. Also, skin irritation is common after treatment sessions and depending on the sensitivity of the skin, the amount of irritability varies from person to person. The shape of this stimulation, as well as the emotion that causes it in the person, is very similar to burning after the use of a blade. In addition to the feelings, you will notice that your hair is starting to fall through the hair of your body. This happens when lesions that are affected by the laser do not grow, and the hair that was in the growth phase starts to fall and disappear. After the laser period, your skin will look like a mascara for one to three weeks, but with a simple tweak, the time can be considerably reduced.
    Note that not all follicles present at the first treatment session are eliminated, especially those that are in the phase of sleep during the laser. For this reason, most patients will need several laser sessions to remove excess hair. How to let the post-laser effects follow the recovery period depends entirely on your decision. In other words, you can easily improve this period of short or long term. لیزر موهای زائد
    We recommend that you correct the hair that appears during laser therapy sessions and when exposed to direct sunlight, be sure to use appropriate sunscreens. During the course of treatment or when post-laser complications are not resolved, do not do anything to tan your skin. Because it tightens the side effects of the laser and inflammation of the skin afterwards. Laser hairdressing sessions are usually done with a two month interval. It is recommended that you fully follow the care instructions given to you by the laser specialist during this period.
    If you want to begin the laser hair removal treatment period, you can easily contact us and get free expert advice from this collection.