Effective Fixes For AOL Not Responding Issues

  • If you encounter certain problems while viewing or receiving your AOL mail, there are few things which can be cited as major causes. On several occasions, you will receive the popup saying “AOL not responding”, which is what we will be talking you out. Although it seems to be working on other PCs or devices, you should do something instantly if these or similar sorts of errors persist. Besides, you will face several kinds of issues such as aol.com is not responding iPhone, AOL on android not working, AOL Desktop Gold stopped working error etc. This article will walk you through the problem if your AOL is not responding issues and formulate all the effective fixes to combat this issue.

    Aol.com Not Responding
    If you receive the alert that your AOL is not responding message please ensure:

    The problem doesn’t persist after making changes in the device.
    Issue is nor pertaining to AOL.com but it deals with other software.
    In order to connect the internet, you are not adopting any proxy address.
    In case the problem of AOL Gold not working coincides with one of the issues mentioned below, you need to fix it through a Hard Reset. Otherwise, you can block the proxy server or the other VPN services. Apart from this, ensure that you are not running AOL in different add-ons mode. In order to manage this using the browser, we have devised some definite instructions for the Internet Explorer:

    You need to open the IE and press Tools icon present at the top right corner.
    Then choose Manage add-ons option present at the drop-down list.
    Under the Show Tab option, choose All Add-ons option and after that disable them.
    Last but not least, shut down the window as well as an explorer in order to apply the changes.
    However, if you wise to delete the add-ons from the mentioned list, choose remove in place of disable option.

    Imap.aol.com Not Responding
    To resolve this issue, you need to examine the server name. Just verify the spellings of the server name you enter. After that, save the settings. If everything is correct, remove the account and launch it again. It is of utmost importance to recover any change that you might have encountered in regards to the application. To start with, follow the below mentioned steps:

    Navigate to the Settings tab in your device. Then move to Mail, Contacts, and Calendars option.
    Press the email account you wish to remove and then click on Delete button.
    After that, move to the Settings tab. Press Add account option present under Accounts & passwords selection.
    Then, choose the email provider in order to add the email account automatically. However, if you don’t find the email provider, press Other. Then, you can Add mail account.
    After this, enter your name, email address, password, as well as account description to finish the launching process. Mail will automatically get through to your email settings. If it doesn’t happen, manually enter this.
    Then, enter your email address as well as the password for the purpose of account verification. After that, open it successfully.
    AOL not responding Windows 10
    Follow the below steps to fix AOL not responding issue in Windows 10:

    Fix 1: Run the Troubleshooter
    First, tap the Start button o Windows and ten looks for Control Panel.
    Then, write Troubleshooter at the top right corner in Control Panel Windows. After that, press Troubleshooting option available on the screen.
    Then press View All. Hover on to the Internet Explorer Performance tab and go through the on-screen instructions to get the exact and proper problem.
    Fix 2: Examine Active Scripting, Active X, and Java not getting obstructed by Internet Explorer
    If you did any modifications or make customized settings of the browser, then it may happen that the Java applets, ActiveX, and other similar features may get blocked. Hence to make the AOL respond back properly again, follow the following steps:

    Move to Internet Explorer. Then, tap the Tools menu.
    Moreover, press Internet Options. Then go to the Security tab. After that, you need to reset all the Zones to a default parameter.
    Then, press OK to make the changes.
    When Active X, Java applet, or Active Scripting gets unblocked, you will not face the AOL not responding will no longer exist.
    If you don’t see Tools menu, click ALT to exhibit the menu on the desktop.

    Fix 3: Disable the Add-ons
    Add ons sometimes refrain the websites from the correct display. Henceforth, you need to disable all the add-ons:

    You should run the Internet Explorer without the add-ons and examine to see if the problem persists.
    To accomplish this, press the Start button and then provide Internet Explorer in the search option.
    Press Internet Explorer.
    If the problem is fixed, then you need to disable the add-ons. If you wish to turn off the add-ons, please refer to the section to know AOL.com, not responding.

    AOL Not Working on iPhone
    When AOL doesn’t respond on the iPhone, then you need to log in to the AOL account on the computer.

    After performing the two-step login process, move to the account settings present under the AOL account. Then press the Manage button. During the entire process, you need to make sure that it is turned on.
    Under Connect Apps tab, you will find the Manage button and so click on that. After that, press down arrow to build a new application and then choose the iOS device and mail.
    Then, press Create option and after that restore the password you receive.
    Finally, move to the AOL account through iPhone account and eventually use the stored password.
    Now you will find AOL working smoothly on the iPhone.

    AOL on Android Not Working
    You need to inspect the server settings to affix AOL not responding issue on Android phones. In order to start the process

    First, open the AOL mail application on Android device with the help of 2-step verification methodology.
    After that, examine and then examine the incoming as well as outgoing server details on the AOL account.
    Press Manual Step option available on the screen. Choose IMAP settings for the incoming servers which will also evade IMAP AOL com not responding issue.
    Go through the information provided below

    IMAP Server. imap.AOL.com.
    Security Type: None
    Moreover, press Next Button. Then, launch the server settings for the outgoing servers described below
    SMTP Server:smtp.AOL.com
    Port No: 587
    Then, press Next Button.
    You will receive a pop up to provide the username as well as a password after making necessary modifications in server settings.

    Examine AOL is working fine or not. If it doesn’t work, reboot the Android phone.