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  • When Apple first introduced the Touch ID fingerprint reader as an added security measure osrs gold in the iPhone 5S, security researchers quickly demonstrated that a decade old technique could be used to spoof a fingerprint and unlock the phone. In 2002, Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering professor Tsunetomo Mastumoto demonstrated (PDF) how fingers coated in a gummy substance like Elmer's glue could be used to lift and replicate fingerprints.

    You think about it, the price of the SoC is such a small part of total price of these phones. People ask us you be price competitive? and, well, it depends on what you wrap around it. In this case, even if there a few dollar difference between the x86 and ARM SoC, it the huge touchscreen (or Apple premium) that actually defines the market price.

    Go a little greener this year by turning potential trash into awesomely cool recycled crafts. With a little creativity and glue, you can take steps to reduce trash that would otherwise end up in a landfill by reusing materials that have loads of interesting decorating potential. Skeptical? Peep these too cute bottle cap magnets that add a colorful, retro flair to any fridge. Save egg cartons for crafts like flowers or planters, try pop can art with cans and paint, or turn old newspapers into creative paper mache masks.

    It's the magic of immersion. By creating a fantasy world that feels legitimate, Bethesda sucks players in. Nearly every object can be touched. If players see coins resting on a table, they can pick up each one. If they recklessly snatch items from a shop, store owners can catch them and have them thrown in jail. When they leave a town, the inhabitants have their own lives independent of a players' actions and go about work, play, etc.

    I am not going to go into all the benefit side of this discussion but I have just recieved a flyer for a meeting regarding the bedroom tax and it made me think about the houses where I live (council estate), out of the 7 properties including mine 3 are classed as 4 bedroom properties 2 of them only have 2 people living in them and the 3rd only has one tenant none of which work, if they dont want to be affected by the increase I would of thought they would be better off trying to exchange/move to a smaller property, I understand that they think they have a right to stay where they are, but I think on larger houses there should by a claus in there contract which only allows them to stay there until there children are all grown or they are not in need for the extra spare bedrooms (after all it might be there home but they dont have any rights to stay there, because if they did they should of thought about buying the proerty instead of renting it temporary) This should help with the shortage of larger properties in need and people can then afford to pay there rent when they live on there own.

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