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  • Uranium and I believe platinum do not exist on Earth. Uranium is exclusive to asteroids buy rs 07 gold while platinum is found on the earth moon very easily. Uranium is a very good source of energy and a large reactor easily powers my entire base or any of my large ships. Uranium is prett slow to refine but it also lasts quite a while.

    I hope you join me over there sometime, loyal, new, or accidental reader. Also, don hesitate to wander old Heroine Sheik posts. For suggestions, see the recommended reading list on the right hand side. Sometimes it scares me how much content has accrued here. Apparently I wrote all that. Is it wrong that I get nostalgic reading comment section troll wars of days passed?

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    A lot of people think they are less attractive than they are, and for guys especially they don normally get compliments to boost their ego. Different people like different looks, and a lack of a picture is a huge red flag to me. You could be average looking and have low self esteem, but the lack of the profile picture suggests that a person is really unattractive. My male friends think I like the fuckboi look, but average nerdy guys are what I like and it always blows their mind with what I find attractive. Effort writing a bio plays a big role imo. Unless you looking for hookups, then it all on appearances and quick charm.

    The Boss Kills section of the Combat tab), or force people to do a lot of dumb stuff.The tiering system and meta achievements I not entirely sure on. I get that it intended as stepping stones, I guess it just still slightly confusing to me at the moment but the idea behind it is solid.

    Don have the time. I also found to prioritize more important things than gaming since too much hurt my productivity and health. I do love to play whenever I get the chance to, I particularly love single player story mode games. I almost never finish games lately but I completed Spider Man PS4 100% and got my first platinum trophy since I loved it so much and that took 3 4 months. Next game I plan on finishing is The Witcher 3 as I am like 85% in the game from like 2 years ago lol.

    Take a crystal bow (i) switch, particularly if you using a toxic blowpipe. The crystal bow has the longest range of any ranged weapon, and even keeps this long range when set to rapid. It makes luring the healers safe and easy, and will also prove invaluable throughout the cave for hitting mobs your blowpipe can reach without leaving your safespot. It also comes with it own ammo built in so it will only take up one inventory slot and keep your ammo slot free (for a blessing).

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