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  • I got a great rotation where Jad get stuck on the rock (not the Italy one, on the opposite side). What osrs gold happened was I tagged 3 healers (the ones close to me) and didn bother tagging the forth (as he was behind Jad, I used a blowpipe din want to risk getting close to Jad). I out DPSed the one healer, tanked the other ones without too much of a problem. Hope this answers your question. :)

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    As my main line I used ironbreakers. They won kill armoured troops but they will hold pretty much forever. I backed them up with thunderers. 7 8 Ironbreakers and 5 6 thunderers can melt really anything. Leave some gaps between the ironbreakers and put thunderers right behind them. Don use locked groups for thunderers, it messes up when you want to focus fire a single entity. I also used 2 slayers to cover the backline, both variants are good. I always brought at least one runesmith in my armies, they are useful too. Fill the rest with artillery. Any dwarf artillery is good, but I prefered the organ gun because it is good against armoured infantry like chosen. The thunderers can take care of large monsters and cavalry very easily.

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