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  • I'm sure there are more ways than this, but I always bake it in the oven like bacon. Bake osrs gold in the oven until crispy sorry, the time depends on how thick your salt pork is, so you have to keep an eye on it, but it won't normally be less than 20 minutes unless it's cut really thin. Comfort food!( Full Answer )


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    Aside from pricing your account reasonably, you'll also be able to check if other offers are overpriced. You can be sure if the account is worth your money or not. It may also make you reconsider selling your account. If the value is too low for you, it might be better if you grind a bit more to increase its value.

    Don worry about large pen since materials are much harder to get + takes way too many beans to get started. Not sure whether cows are worth buying. I would probably save up for yak at 71 but it is very click intensive + tedious to get freminik yaks w/o aggro pots/cannon. Compared to spiders, the spawn rate is crappy.

    Make sure you have good keybinds set for your interfaces. You can use software to rebind your F keys if you want. I used Logitech software to bind my F keys to my extra mouse buttons. Get these keybinds into your muscle memory so that switching from inventory to prayer to inventory etc is automatic.

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