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  • Even at half of what he is suggesting, it would have such a huge impact. I like to osrs gold see it enter the mainstream this year.I support all three of them until it no longer makes sense.lonedirewolf21 7 points submitted 14 days agoThey went after Clinton for a blow job that occurred years after the investigation started over a real estate deal.The Mueller report basically says here is all the evidence I found it does not exonerate Trump, but i believe it is Congress job to decide what to do with it.They are very different cases.Edit: just wanted to comment on the part about his base.


    As people come and go, you find yourself answering the same questions and explaining the same concepts. For example one of our systems shoots out account numbers (which are 7 digits) as text. But most excel documents have them stored as numbers. I probably explained 12 different times why their VLOOKUP or MATCH function isn working.

    "Scientists have detected the "fingerprint" of human caused global warming on drought patterns around the world dating back as long ago as 1900, according to anew study published Wednesday. The peak of the Atlantic hurricane season comes later in September when ocean temperatures are quite warm, and atmospheric wind shear is relatively low. In 2012, two storms Alberto and Beryl were named before the season officially started. And last year, Ana formed east of Georgia on May 7. Granted, it was initially a subtropical storm, a hybrid with both tropical features and features of midlatitude cyclones. But waters were warm and Ana became fully tropical in just days, and moved ashore in South Carolina on May 10."

    Fiber is an important part of digestion not news. But did you know that certain types may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and colon cancer? And good news for people watching their weight: Fiber takes a while to digest, so it helps you feel full longer. The Mayo Clinic recommends 21 to 25 grams of fiber a day for women and 30 to 38 grams a day for men. But that doesn't mean you have to stick to bland cereals and basic oat bran to get your fill.

    I believe in good faith that the game itself was better by making it so that pk had to fight other pk and couldn pick off players that didn want to be involved. They did lose players who preferred griefing but meh. They never should have brought it back. Now what remains of the pvp community is so small in RS3 that they don even have much of a monetary reason to keep the wilderness, so its generally a win to remove pvp.

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