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  • 97 points submitted 1 year agoDid anyone see it "drop" onto the runescape gold deck? It looks like they reached 0 velocity about a meter off he deck (perhaps a large wave?). I honestly a bit surprised that the legs didn give out! But that pretty awesome!(Also, my eyes may have been mistaken.

    I would recommend spending pearls to buy ONE accessory, specifically an accessory that increases your chance of gaining higher grade knowledge. Knowledge of the world in BDO increases your character's energy pool, which is used to perform useful tasks.

    TheRandomIP (talk)TL;DR: Most of the sources for games being cracked came from a website with mostly user generated content, which isn a reliable source according to Wikipedia guidelines.Denuvo is DRM that notoriously negatively affects performance of games where it is implemented and requires daily online reactivation. When it first launched, it took ages to be cracked but ever since, the latest versions in new games tend to be cracked pretty quickly.

    Still, the seemingly doomed prospect of building the Tysons portion of the line in a tunnel dominated discussion before today's vote at the Fairfax Government Center. Every board member had something to say before the votes were cast. While the rent issue still lingers, the Senate and Assembly quickly passed an ethics reform bill yesterday. The Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 will supposedly keep a closer eye on lawmakers and lobbyists for signs of corruption and conflicts of interest, establishing an independent ethics commission to keep watch over things, and requiring lawmakers to fully disclose sources of income..

    The Louisville Country Club was under a great deal of legal pressure to demonstrate inclusiveness when they invited their first black member to join, and for at least a few years after that, no more black members had joined the club. Whether or not they were invited, I don know..

    Thank you for responding and letting me know that dnsmasq is not a problem. I tried you recommendation of connecting directly to the DNS rather than going through my router. Same goes for all the account related stuff. Payment. It's all just right for a truck like this, but you don't have to shift much around town. With the V8's 402 lb ft of torque you can just leave it in third..

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