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  • MACO needs to get a grip. In this age of high unemploymnet, record foreclosures, and nearly flat runescape gold economic activity, they need to scale back or curtail their annual extravaganza. Double Iris Magician and Skullcrobat Joker. These had to be banned only because how dare people use these super effective Arc V Pendulum decks to stomp the meta and not buy more Links?! If they really cared about hitting these for balance, they Limit them, because banning them disables far too many things in those decks and Pendulum variants..

    Well the solution would be making stuff like masterwork content require skill milestones over level 99. Of course, this is an issue for some where 90s level gear requires 110 level to make, etc. In gameplay, of course, the battle, movement, and interaction methods will also be different. Since it's made to be playable on smartphones, many of the actions take effect through tapping/clicking.

    Which still isn enough of a drop to do this solution.Except their proposal is the result of what a number of people asked for. You may not agree with the proposal as it doesn suit your personal desire, but there hasn been 1 aspect of this update that wasn due to a significant part of the community asking for it.There a whopping 3 complaints people had about the Comp.

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    Maybe it just me but I feel like it gives me a good intuition. It describes an algorithm: for any n sided convex polygon I can construct a set of lines parallel to each of the sides which intersect at a single point, like a pinwheel. I can get physical too. Even if I am completely in the wrong..

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