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  • I know the Halo Wars 2 pick seemed weird, but the point I was trying to get across, was a rs gold game that I could relax and play for a long time, without feeling excessively frustrated with what goes on. I know all games have their frustration factors (especially with an amped up difficulty level) so that why I qualify it with "excessive" frustration..

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    If what you have is spyware you are better off starting over anyway. After about half an hour, the computer was clean and responding well, but this was a fairly limited infection with no rootkits that BlackLight could see anyway.. I dont know. I have one confession to make.

    I have roughly 50 100 games on every hero you listed and watched countless games of pros playing those heroes and I can tell you for a fact you don't want to cs under tower on any of them. In fact you never want to sit and cs under tower unless you're losing a lane so hard theres no way to cs otherwise.

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