"I thought he was a little too passive tonight

  • "I thought he was a little too passive tonight," Luke Walton, the Lakers head coach, said after the defeat as reported by ESPN. "I think that'll continue to buying mt 2k20 be [an area to work on]. The hardest thing for young players is the consistency when you just play so many games. He's so unselfish. We want him to be more aggressive with attacking the defenses. I feel like tonight was one of those nights where he was more passive with it than looking to really attack them."

    Points totals can fail to tell the whole story, especially with a facilitator like the Lakers’ rookie. Ball was a plus-10 in his 28 minutes of action on Thursday night—even when he is struggling to be noticed offensively, there is evidence to suggest he is improving the players around him. There were moments against the Trail Blazers—as there have been throughout the season—when Ball flashed the kind of promise that Walton and the Lakers hope will become consistent excellence. You can watch one slick feed to Lopez in the video below.

    The Lakers have stressed regularly that this season is about Ball, and the Lakers, showing off enough rough promise to convince interested parties—impending free agents among them—that the franchise is on track to contend again. The hype around Ball, though, means stat lines like Thursday night’s are going to be noticed and blown up in widescreen and feed the ravenous desire to polarize Ball’s abilities and achievements. Maybe it’s time for 2k20 mt pc  Walton to take Ball out from under the NBA’s sunlamp. Then again, maybe that would just increase the feeding frenzy.