He Could Be Facing a Public

  • Paul’s latest headline, and the one that had him trending on Twitter nba2k20 mt Tuesday, comes from KTLA, who report that Paul’s insane stunts and crazy parties have drawn some annoyance from his neighbors. One disgruntled neighbor claims that they saw a flame coming from Paul’s house that reached the top of the his roof.

    Another says that there was occasion where he placed a bunch of furniture in his swimming pool and set it on fire.

    KTLA confirms that Paul could be facing a public nuisance lawsuit, given that he did much of this without city permits or expressed permission. When asked about the situation, he said “Aw I feel bad for [these neighbors]… For sure. But, there is nothing [I] can do though because Jake Paul how to get mt in nba 2k20 the strongest army out there.”