Steps To Recover Files From Hard Drive After Power Outage

  • Data loss is indeed a grave problem. One cannot but think about it with great regret. When you lose any personal or professional data, it impacts your business or life negatively. It puts you in a difficult situation. When any business firm loses important data, it poses a great threat to their existence. Therefore, recovering data becomes of paramount importance.


    There are many reasons behind hard drive data loss. One of them is a sudden power outage. This often happens when you try to copy some files from one partition to another in a computer and there is an unexpected power loss. In this article, we will tell about hard drive recovery in such a situation. There is much software available to get it back. One of them is iCare recovery tool. Follow the steps below to recover data with this tool-

    • Download iCare recovery tool on your computer.
    • Select deleted files recovery.
    • Let it scan your device for some minutes. If it doesn’t find anything, then go for a deep scan.
    • Choose the disk from which you want to retrieve the files.
    • Click Next.
    • The recovery process will start right away. It will show a preview of the recovered files on your disk.
    • See them and select those which you want to restore. If you want all of them, select all.
    • Save the files in a familiar and safe location on your computer.

    Note: Do not store the data in your original disk as it will overwrite it and cover lost data. Always keep a backup of your important data. For that, enable automatic backup.

    If you see that the problem has not yet been solved and you need expert help, then resort to our Online data recovery. Our professionals will provide you the best help and suggestions concerning the matter and how you can avoid it in the future. Call our helpline number for expert opinions.

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