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  • Netgear support - Netgear is a highly competent networking company which is based in San Jose, California. It provides networking hardware for consumers, businesses and several service providers. Netgear also provides wireless and modem routers and these products are widely used around the world. The innovative networking products that they produce to assist in connecting people, power businesses and advance the way of our own living. They aim at making customers online experience unbroken and exhilarating.

    Even though Netgear provides many promising features, there are times when their users face certain complications. Netgear has made sure that their users do not get caught up with any issue at all, they have provided an efficient Customer Support Service for this cause. Netgear router helpline number would provide its users with the most effective solutions for all the queries that they come across.

    One of the issues that the users come across is when they forget the password for their Netgear router, which leaves them locked out from making any further changes. The only way to recover the Netgear router password is to reset the device to factory default settings which would provide you the ability to set a new password and recover control over the configuration.

    Method to reset Netgear router

    Resetting the router is a very menial task, which can be done by anyone at any time. Knowing how to reset your router might even help you to encounter several problems that you might come across regarding the router. You can simply follow the given steps to successfully reset your Netgear router:

    • Use a pin or a paper clip to click the reset button which is at the back of your Netgear router. Press the button continuously until the lights in the front of the router start The device will then automatically reboot itself.
    • Access a browser and then enter the IP address of the Netgear router to gain access to the configuration console. The default IP address is
    • You can now enter the default username and password which is Username-admin and Password-1234 or password.
    • If you are unable to log in, it might be because the router was not able to successfully reset. Disconnect the router and hold the reset button for 20 seconds before plugging in the power cord. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to then gain access.

    If you could not access the Netgear router using the steps given above, it would be best suggested that you immediately get in touch with the netgear router tollfree number and avail their expert advice regarding your issue. This service is completely free of cost and can be availed on a 24x7 hour basis.


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