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    Got puzzled setting sbcglobal email on your iPhone or other wireless devices?

    Promptly get rid of useless resolution and go forward to implement these professionally approved global standardized solutions inherent in this article. This article will teach you to set up in an easy way but if you are not a learned tech savvy person or unable to comprehend the step enlisted you are advised to promptly call at sbcglobal tech support number and get the competent provision of support.

    Who will benefit from this Post?

    Every portion of this article has a valid manifestation of a permanent resolution of your unsolved queries. If you have any doubt in your mind whether this article is of you, here are some questions enlisted below that you might have been facing with your sbsgobal email:

    • Unable to setup sbcglobal email on your iPhone device
    • Facing issues while accessing sbcglobal email on Android device
    • Cant setup sbcglobal on Samsung phone
    • Facing baffled situation setting sbcglobal on windows 10/Mac wireless device
    • Unable to setup sbcglobal email on outlook
    • making fruitless attempt setting sbcglobal email on iPhone 7

    Points-to-follow before sbcglobal email Setup on the wireless device

    To avoid any issue before processing the setup of sbcglobal email on your wireless device, you need to follow some certain points given below:

    • Make sure that sbcglobal email will work on your device
    • You should have a proper strong network connection
    • Keep your device’s battery fully charged
    • Device drivers should be updated including network adapters
    • Scan your device completely to remove any dangers of malware or virus attack
    • Your device’s operating system should not be corrupted
    • Make sure that all the device hardware are working fine

    Once you have checked all these points and get assured that your device is ok to proceed the further procedures you can go ahead to and learn how to get the permanent fixes. You can also get the specific solution developed specially for your device by contacting at sbcglobal customer support number and you will be solving your issues completely.

    How do I setup Sbcglobal Email on Wireless devices like iPhone or Android?

    You can easily setup sbcglobal email on any of your wireless devices with some easy steps to follow. You should be careful and following these pointwise steps to get the setup procedures.

    Get a Secure Email key

    You need to update the settings of the app first before starting the process. Sbcglobal present security updates on a regular basis that make it essential for you to get the latest version of the app.

    Now you have to find secured email key for your sbcglobal account to avoid any risk to your device. Getting this key will also help you to process the sbcglobal email setup on your mobile.

    You can check this list to know which devices will need secure email key:

    Apps and programs using OAuth

    iPhone and iPads running version 9.0 or above

    Outlook Mobile

    Yahoo Mail app

    Apple Mail


    All Android devices running on 5.0 and above

    After checking this list you can become sure about getting secure email key for your device. If you are unable to understand any step mentioned-above you are advised to call at sbcglobal helpline number for more help.

    How to create a secure email key?

    Understanding your problem, here we present you easy steps through which you can easily get the secure email key. These procedures are applicable for all the devices and you only need to follow the steps given below:

    • Log in with your sbcglobal email account ID and password
    • Now go to the profile tab and then go to the “Sign-in info” option
    • Select your username from the list for which you want to create secure email key
    • Go to the below of the page and get the option “Manage secure mail key”, click on it.
    • Now you can add secure email key for your account. You can also choose a nickname to make it easy to remember for the future.
    • After creating a secure email key copy it to a safe place.
    • For security reasons you can only see this key once you click on “OK”.
    • So, press the OK button then in your preferred sbcglobal email account, replace the current password and put your new secure email key in that box, that is now vacant after removing the current password.

    In case of any further requirement you can create a new email secure key anytime you need.

    How to setup sbcglobal email on smart devices?

    With a variety of wireless device, there are a variety of instructions to follow to process the setup of sbcglobal email account. You will get here a solution for your specific devices and configuration according to your device variation and settings. However, you can get the expert support by contacting at sbcglobal support and learn especially for your device. Otherwise, this article will be enough for you and When you finish the early setup you follow these setting to proceed further:


    Outbound -server hostname: (Port 465)

    Inbound - server hostname: (Port 993)


    Outbound server - (Port 465)

    Inbound server - (Port 993)

    Important: The settings above are going to work only for the domains like,,,,,,,,,, and


    How to get Sbcglobal email on Wireless device?

    If you are using some other devices such as basic phone or Samsung devices then you can process the setup. You don’t have to worry about getting a secure email key. Follow the steps given below to proceed further:

    • Go to the login page by opening
    • Select the “Mail” icon and put your sbcglobal account ID And password and get the access of your account settings.

    These above methods are adequate to make you able setting sbcglobal on your wireless devices in case you need more information or unable to understand the processes you should call at sbcglobal customer support number and get the maximum attention with a proper solution.


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