How to unblock emails in AOL account

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    Not receiving emails from different senders in AOL can become a ‘pain in the neck.’ Sometimes, due to an insignificant reason, AOL can block accounts of the senders, and you are unable to see the emails you receive. Often, it can also happen that if someone else, then you have access to your account can block the mails. Even AOL can block the domain address of thousands of senders and prevent them from sending mails. To avoid this situation, you can implement the manual troubleshooting steps or can have a word with the technical executives at aol support phone number.

    You are not able to see the blocked emails that you receive, as they are not even sent to your spam folder. You do not even realize that AOL has blocked some senders. You need to unblock it. To understand if AOL has prevented a sender from sending mails you can see if their email address is available in the Sender Filter List. Apply the steps shared below, and if you are still not able to unblock the mails, then the last troubleshooting step you can execute is updating AOL Mail account. This will eradicate the error from its core.

    Procedure to unblock mails in AOL account

    • Double click on AOL mail account icon or open a default browser.
    • Search for AOL mail and login to the account with your username and password
    • In the dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right corner of the window that has opened.
    • In the left Window, choose ‘Spam Settings’ and click on it.
    • Here you can see all the email address along with the domain names that either you have blocked or AOL has blocked.
    • Select the addresses and the domains that you wish to unblock one by one
    • Then, press ‘Delete Key’ on your keyboard.
    • After that, select ‘Save’ on the top-right corner and save all the changes made. Do not forget to skip this step, or you will have to start from all over again.
    • Once you have made all the changes, log out of the account.
    • Log in again, check your inbox, and see if you can receive the emails.

    By executing this procedure, you can successfully unblock the mails from your AOL account. However, if you are coming across any troubles, reach out to the professionals at aol technical support number where the techies are on the desk 24*7. They will guide you with reliable solutions and quick answers.

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