HTTP error 504 in AOL

  • aol customer care - AOL mail users enjoy a secured network that leads them to the state of satisfaction. But there are few things that can frustrate them and HTTP error 504 is such an issue that should be addressed quickly to keep your AOL account working. Error 504 is an HTTP state code that is also known as 504 gateway timeout failure. It happens when a server doesn’t get a clear response from others in a way to reload the network page. These servers work together to ensure the clear loading of the network page, but a small interference in their communication may lead to this issue. Now you need to fix the issue at earliest, and you can do so by contacting at aol customer support. However, this blog will also help you to solve the issue with easy steps.

    Reasons behind the error 504:
    There are several probable reasons that may cause this issue, and you need to know about these reasons to fix the issue:
    • The server slowdown may create the issue
    • Network error may generate the issue at the user’s end
    • Poor internet connectivity may be the reasons as well
    • In a few cases, the problem may be due to the computer error
    • Improper DNS configuration may also cause the trouble
    • Proxy server settings could be the one reason

    Easy solutions to fix the error 504:
    Now you have seen the reason that may be responsible for the issue so you can easily fix the error to process the exact solutions that are given below:

    Solution 1. Once you get the 504 error, you will not be able to open to the web page, but you need to keep refreshing the page and press the F5 key to refresh the page and try to open the page. Sometimes the problem may resolve in a few minutes, and you can successfully open the page, but in some cases, the server issue gets deeper, and it may take a few hours to resolve the issue.

    Solution 2. You should check all the network connection and reset these network devices. If the issues are associated with the router, modem, etc. you can fix it on your own by rebooting all the connected devices.

    Solution 3. You can review the proxy settings as well to fix the issue. Incorrect proxy settings are one of the possible reason for the error, so you need to monitor the proxy settings. Once you locate them and fix them, the error will be gone.

    HTTP error 504 is generally linked with the server connections so you can’t do much from your end. You can try at least these steps, and if you are failed to fix the issue, then you should call at aol technical support and get the most prominent assistance easily.

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