Why AOL is No longer syncing or fetching emails?

  • aol support phone number - You can connect your AOL Mail account to an email application to help organize and access your emails more efficiently. Syncing your emails to your phone or tablet allows you to stay connected to your AOL contact while on the go. If you have any trouble accessing your emails or if you find that AOL is no longer syncing or fetching emails you can go through the solutions mentioned in this article to try and resolve the error. You can also call the aol support number and speak to a certified expert to implement advanced troubleshooting solutions to sync your emails.

    Steps to solve AOL no longer syncing or fetching emails

    The solutions to resolve the syncing error on your AOL email account depends on what caused the problem in the first place. However, if you are not able to identify the source of the problem you can implement the solutions one by one to try and resolve the error:

    Solution 1: Log out of your AOL account and add it again

    The simplest troubleshooting solution to fix the syncing error is to log out and remove AOL from the application and then add it back once again. Re-adding your AOL email account will help to resolve and errors that may have been caused when the configuration file gets corrupted. Be sure to update the email application before your add your AOL email account so that your emails can sync without any errors.

    Solution 2: Check the AOL Mail server settings

    One common reason why AOL Mail cannot sync or fetch your emails is because the server settings you entered while configuring your account were incorrect. You can contact AOL customer support and consult a certified expert to find the exact server settings needed to sync your emails.

    Solution 3: Review the privacy settings on the email application

    If the email client or application you are using to access your AOL account does not have the required permissions you will not be able to sync your emails. You should access your privacy settings and enable the ‘Let apps access my calendar’ option. Next you can go to your Account Settings and click on AOL so that you can change the sync duration.

    Solution 4: Edit the settings on your security software

    Sometimes there may be compatibility errors between your email application and you anti-virus or firewall software that can be an obstacle while syncing your emails. You can try and disable your antivirus software, at least temporarily, and then check if the syncing problem is resolved. You should also edit the firewall settings and whitelist the AOL email application to resolve the syncing or fetching emails error.

    If you want to know how to implement the steps mentioned above you can always call the aol technical support phone number and ask for additional tech support. Experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you a detailed guide on how to troubleshoot the error as soon as possible so that you can sync your AOL emails.

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