Getting spam emails in AOL email account

  • Aol help number - AOL email is such a sophisticated option for email services that are meant to serve its users in a decent manner that protect their best interests in electronic messages requirements. It protects you from the malicious activities through its secured network and offers you complete satisfaction. Now if you’re receiving a lot of spam emails that almost everyone receives on a daily basis, you have to fix this problem. AOL offers you such great features to protect you from receiving emails.

    Spam emails can cause some greater trouble because sometimes it consists of some malicious content and even viruses as well. It may harm your system and create some login errors as well. Also, the content of spams are such attractive that ask you to reply to them and when you respond to these spams you may get into trap. If you get any issue related to spams you should call at aol customer care number and get a complete solution. Now it has become essential for you to prevent these spams and AOL provide such features mentioned below that make you protected against these spams.

    • You have an option to block those emails from where you are getting spams
    • You can use the filter feature to mark the spams
    • You can report abuse or other objectionable emails

    Now you have a lot of options to make your account protected from getting too many spams. You can review your spam settings and make some adjustments to prevent spam issues.

    How to adjust your spam settings?

    Follow these steps to make adjustment in your spam settings:

    • Log into your AOL email account and go to the settings
    • On the left side, you will get the spam settings option, click on it
    • Now you can choose the spam filters. You can get the dropdown menu where you can select appropriate filters
    • You can use the option sender filter section block messages from any particular account
    • Select the option “Sender filter” and enter the username or mail address of whom you want to block
    • You can also block such emails that are attached with pictures or even you can select particular words to prevent these messages.
    • You also have an option to permanently delete the block user’s messages
    • Now when you have completed these changes then click on the “Save” button to save the changes

    AOL spam settings are quite useful for you to protect your account from unwanted and malicious activities through spam messages. Once you get the right way of spam setting you can make your account safe and secure. Also, you can contact at AOL technical support for a professional and expert solution.

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