How to solve QuickBooks Error 3371?

  • QuickBooks has been a highly successful accounting software which has been in the market for several years now. They have been efficiently catering to each and every accounting needs of the users. QuickBooks has also successfully been one of the most preferred accounting software among accountants and bookkeepers. Even though QuickBooks is a highly acclaimed software there are certain issues that the users of QuickBooks face. One of the most common issues that the users face is the QuickBooks error 3371. This issue is closely related to the reconfiguration of your desktop and even the process of activating QuickBooks for the first time. Users can easily connect with the customer support service to attain a solution towards this issue. This blog also gives a complete overview of the issue and users can find simple troubleshooting steps for solving the issue.

    Causes of QuickBooks Error 3371

    It is necessary that the users of QuickBooks software have the license information of the software saved on the hard drive. When this saved information or file get corrupted, damaged or even goes missing, the user would then encounter the error code 3371.

    This issue can also be faced when the user tries to undertake the process of cloning the data which is present in the c:/ drive into a new hard drive. When you come across such a situation it is suggested that you re-enter the license information to overcome this issue.

    The most frequent reasons for this issue to come up are as given below:

    • The Qbregistration.dat file going missing
    • MSXML component going corrupt or getting damaged
    • Some unwanted interruption caused by Anti-Virus software
    • When you try to access the file without saving it

    Aspects to keep in mind before resolving the issue

    • You would have to make sure that you have the latest version of Windows installed on your system.
    • Ensure that your system does not face any kind of corruption.

    Process of solving the QuickBooks Error 3371

    The most suitable ways in which the users can solve the issue of error code 3371 are as given below:

    Step 1:

    • You would have to use the Windows Key + R option, which would open the Run window
    • Further in the Run window search “C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8”
    • Now in the following location, you would have to delete the ecml file and then close the window
    • Once you have successfully deleted the file, you would then have to run QuickBooks and re-register the product.

    Step 2:

    • You would have to click on the windows option which is present in the start button
    • Access the option of All Programs and further click on Windows Update
    • Now you would have to click on the option which says “Check for Updates”
    • After you have accurately updated the windows, now reinstall QuickBooks desktop

    Step 3:

    • After having completed the process of Windows Update you would have to follow the given steps.
    • Recreate the damaged file “entitlementDatastore.ecml”
    • Now fix Microsoft.NET framework, MSXML, and C++ pitfalls by using the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool
    • After having completed the above-given steps, you would now have to reinstall the software

    If you are not able to solve the error code 3371 using the steps that have been given above, then the only option that you would be left with is to contact the Quickbooks Online Customer care. They would do a complete analysis of the issue that you have encountered and then provide you with the most accurate and apt solution possible. This service is completely free of cost and can be availed during any hour of the day.

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