How to fix QuickBooks Error 15106?

  • QuickBooks is a software which is developed by Intuit and this software allows you to coordinate all your accounting and finance related details. Having this software on your system would enable you to generate invoices, manage bill payments, your profits and losses, manage your cash flow and even in preparing your accounting reports. This software is ideal for SMEs and those who would like to handle the accounting services of their business themselves. This software allows you to generate pay slips or salary slips of your employees. It has also been seen that the users of this software come across certain glitches. One of the most common error that the users of QuickBooks come across is the error code 15106. There are numerous reasons for this issue to come up. This issue is encountered with QuickBooks payroll and it disables you from generating salary slips and even creating invoices. The issue can be solved effectively by using simple troubleshooting methods and one can also connect with the Quickbooks Online Support Phone Number to find the ideal solution.

    This error usually takes place when you are trying to update the QuickBooks software when the user logged in is not the administrator, the antivirus program which has been installed in the device is causing malfunction.

    The process to solve the QuickBooks error code 15106 has been listed below. Some might find these methods to be complex, so it is necessary that the steps are undertaken with a lot of care.

    Steps to solve the issue:

    • It has to be made sure that the user is logging in using administrative They must also make sure that this is done as to be able to move forward with the troubleshooting.
    • Often it is seen that when your system has Spy Sweeper, it can be the reason for you facing the issue. To check whether this spy sweeper is present on your system, use the Ctrl+Shift+Esc command and open the task manager. In the task manager search for Spy Sweeper.exe
    • If you are unable to find it there, there are possibilities that it might be present in the C drive.
    • You also try and uninstall the software after which you can reinstall it in your system again.

    Accurately following the steps that are given above would ensure that the error code 15106 is solved efficiently. If you come across any kind of issue while in following the steps then you can promptly connect with the Quickbooks Online Customer support and avail professional guidance on the issue.

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