Is ATT Net and Yahoo the same?

  • AT&T Inc. is one of the largest holding companies in the United States and is considered to be a conglomerate that provides internet services, mobile services, mass media, and much more. AT&T Net, or ‘’ as it is commonly written, was developed by AT&T as a web portal in 1995. Following a contract with Yahoo, AT&T began to offer internet services provided by Yahoo for all AT&T internet service providers. After the deal with Yahoo, as an user, you were able to access Yahoo websites, including Yahoo Mail, using your registered AT&T email address. However, since December 2017, there were significant policy changes between AT&T Net and Yahoo, thus making them two distinct email domains. This article explores the relationship between AT&T Net and Yahoo and the impact it has on your email experience. If you have any trouble accessing your email account using the AT&T or Yahoo web portal you can call the ATT Technical Support Number  and speak to a certified email expert to clarify your doubts and troubleshoot email errors.

    AT&T Net and Yahoo email services

    After entering into a partnership with Yahoo, AT&T email users could access their accounts using the Yahoo web portal. At the same time, if you had an AT&T email address, you could sign in to different Yahoo services, including Flickr, Tumblr, and other Yahoo properties. However, recently, AT&T notified all its users that their AT&T and Yahoo email accounts were about to be unmerged. Here are a couple of things you should know regarding changes to your AT&T Net and Yahoo email experience:

    • Users will not be able to sign in to ‘myAT&T’ or using a Yahoo ID.
    • All previously merged and Yahoo accounts will now be separated.
    • When you login in your AT&T account you should enter an AT&T ID.
    • You have to transfer your email data from your Yahoo account to AT&T.
    • Create a new Yahoo ID to use Yahoo services like Tumblr and Flickr.
    • The password for both AT&T and Yahoo will remain unchanged.
    • You can use the Yahoo Member Centre to manage your Yahoo password.
    • AT&T and Yahoo will be treated as two separate email accounts, and you need to sign in separately.

    If you have any other doubts about how the changes to your AT&T and Yahoo accounts will affect your email experience you can call the AT&T Customer Service Number and speak to a professional email expert to clarify the problem. Trained email experts and tech support representatives are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you a detailed guide on how to overcome any problem related to your merged Yahoo and AT&T accounts.


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