Recover Mail and Other AOL Data from a "Saved on My PC" Backup

  • One of the most common problems of living in the digital age is data loss or data corruption. People send a number of emails and messages every day and some of those emails may even contain important documents or files. In order to protect user data, AOL offers users the chance to save the emails they want using the local AOL ‘Saved on My PC’ filing cabinet. If you regularly back up this filing cabinet you can safely retrieve your important email in case they were accidentally deleted or the data go corrupted. This article will help you recover your AOL email or other data using the ‘Saved on My PC’ backup option. You can also call the AOL Email Customer Service Number and speak to a certified professional to know more about how to manage your data while using AOL.

    Steps to Recover Mail and Other AOL Data from a "Saved on My PC" Backup

    The Personal Filing Cabinet is a filing system that allows AOL users to save their emails on the computer hard drive so that they can access them even when offline. It consists of a binary file type which includes stored email messages, favorite places, data related to the download manages and so on. You can follow the instructions given below to recover your AOL email data or any other information that is stored using the ‘Saved on My PC’ backup option:

    • Step 1: Use your screen name and login to AOL at least once
    • Step 2: Open the ‘C’ Drive and navigate to the ‘Application Data’ folder
    • Step 3: Go to the ‘AOL’ folder and open the ‘organize’ section
    • Step 4: Look for a file with the name “.adi” (e.g. myscreenname.abi)
    • Step 5: Type new name for the folder, such as ‘Organize Save’ and continue
    • Step 6: Open the folder with a backup of your previous ‘Organize’ folder
    • Step 7: Use Ctrl+C to copy the folder and switch to the AOL window
    • Step 8: Use the mouse to highlight the ‘C-America Online 9.0’ folder
    • Step 9: Press ‘Ctr+V’ to paste the folder and the contents to a convenient location

    Once this is done simply log in to your AOL account and check if the email messages and other data you wanted to recover is available or not. If you have successfully recovered the data then go ahead and delete the folder with the name ‘Organize Save’. If you still have trouble retrieving your data you can call the AOL Email Technical Support and speak to a trained expert to see if you can implement any advanced troubleshooting steps so as to resolve the problem. You will find that experts are available 24 hours a day to give you detailed solutions to fix any error related to your AOL email account.



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