How Do I Change AOL’s Spam Filter Settings

  • AOL email is known for its efficiency and security services that it offers to the users to keep them protected and provide them a sheer feeling of satisfaction while using the AOL email services. It has a lot of features to offer to manage the unique requirements of users. Now if you are worried about the spam messages and your inbox is full of useless messages then you should not worry because AOL provides proper protection from spam messages and allow you to review the settings as well. Now if you want to change the AOL’s spam settings, you need to follow this blog t ill the end. You can also contact at the AOL Email Customer Service Number to get the professional support from the AOL experts.

    Easy steps to change the AOL spam filter settings:

    AOL allows you to get into the settings and keep it as per your preferences and modify it whenever you want. You only need to follow these steps to make changes in AOL spam settings:

    • Go to the official site of AOL
    • Log in with your username and password
    • Then go to options that you find at the top right corner
    • Now select the “Mail settings” option where you will find “Spam settings.”
    • Click on “Spam settings” option
    • Now you can change anything you want in this spam settings
    • After making changes click to save
    • Then close the window

    Manage AOL settings:

    Now you can make some changes that are useful for you such as managing unwanted emails, mark as spam or mark as not spam, etc. You can follow these steps to make these changes:

    Marking as spam:

    You need to go to AOL mail and select the spam messages. You will find spam option top of the page. To mark as spam, you need to click on that option.

    Marking as not spam:

    If you want to remove any email from spam, just click on “Not spam “and finish the task.

    Creating spam folder:

    You can create a spam folder by yourself with these steps:

    • Go to the options and then mail settings
    • Navigate the spam settings tab and then enter the email address that you want to block
    • Click on the + icon and save the changes

    AOL spam info:

    • AOL easily prevent the spam messages from getting into your account
    • AOL never provide your email address to the spammers
    • It offers several methods to stop the spam messages
    • You can choose a message to put in spam or remove from spam easily.

    If you need further support related to AOL spam and want to ask something from experts, then you can contact at AOL Email Technical Support and get the proficient support and easy solutions within minutes.


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