AOL email account got hacked

  • AOL enjoys millions of active users all around the world and despite being one of the most secured networks the malicious activity may harm the wide and globally appreciated AOL network. Now if you think that your account may have been hacked this article is dedicated to you. This may be a critical situation as you share a lot of important things with your group and contacts and now all your data and important emails may be compromised. In this situation, you can contact at the AOL Email Technical Support Number for more help and proper solution. However, this article will also try to solve all your issues and help you to get back your account to you.

    How to make sure that your account has been hacked?

    Before getting frustrated or puzzled and looking for a solution here and there you need to confirm and fully assure that your account has been hacked. There are certain points through that you can be sure that your accounting is getting compromised. Now go through the following points:

    • You are getting a lot of “mailer-daemon” messages for such emails that you have never send.
    • People from your contacts getting strange emails from your account that you didn’t send.
    • You may find strange messages in your “Sent”, “Draft” or “Outbox” folder that was never created by you.
    • You may get your account folder deleted.
    • You may get your address account book touched.
    • You may get your emails refused and returned which you have sent correctly.
    • Your display name may get changed.

    Now if you find these activities of symptoms in your account you need to be very careful as your account have been hacked. But you need to worry because AOL provides some greater facility to save your account from the hacking activity and this article will be taking you to that.

    What to do when your account is hacked?

    Now when you get to know that your account is hacked all the steps you take should be professionally approached. There are some proven methods that can revive your account. So follow them:

    1. The first your need to take is change your password immediately and this time make sure it is way more secure and hard to crack. Use symbols and number in your password.
    2. If you have installed any antivirus software in your computer, perform a full scan to detect and remove any malware or virus in your device.
    3. You should also change your account security questions.
    4. Make a thorough review of your messages to make sure there is no inserted inappropriate content or messages.
    5. Check your display name that should not contain letters AOL, A.O.L. or aol, etc.
    6. Check your signature that you have assigned for your AOL mail to confirm that no one has inserted any unacceptable content in your account.


    Get the professional assistance from AOL customer support

    It can be the very crucial moment when you get hacked now you need to be very careful and in order to get covered with the security again, you need to call at AOL Email Customer Support where you get a complete solution with full satisfaction.


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