Troubleshoot Canon Scan Error Code 255, 0, 0

  • Canon scan error code 255, 0, 0 usually pops up when you download the latest Canon printer, driver.

    This happens and when you are trying to scan over the network or with the help of USB, there is no scan result whatsoever. This type of error code is received by the users when the scan type has not been set to the remote scanner device. If you have been troubled with this issue then you need not worry as the professionals at Canon Printer Tech Support Number will be able to resolve your issue with their research and expert advice. You may also read this blog so you get a brief idea that how you can fix this error on your own.


    This issue as such will not cause a hindrance when you are printing something, but surely you will not be able to scan anything. This error indicates that the scanner is not working, and which further tells you that you have not selected a scan type at the machine. You can try the method that has been given below. Make sure that you get rid of this snag as soon as possible so that you can resume scanning your documents easily.


    How to effectively solve the Canon scan error code 255, 0, 0?


    You shall worry no more as this blog will provide you with the most efficient and effective solution to work with. Read this blog till the end and make sure that you apply one of the solutions at least.


    Method 1- Solving this error with the help of MF Toolbox

    • Canon Printer MF toolbox is a freeware utility that helps the users to manage the scanning tasks.
    • You need to make sure that the MF toolbox has been configured with the computer properly after the driver has been downloaded. If the MF Toolbox has been disabled, then enable it first.
    • Now long press the Scan button on the Printer and proceed to the next step.
    • Go to the option of MF Toolbox on the system and select the PDF option.
    • Then either press the scan button on the printer or click on the green button in the computer.
    • Once done, the scanner will be able to work properly

    Method 2-By changing the system settings

    • Log in to the computer with the help of a remote user interface.
    • Go to the system settings and then you are required to turn off the USB device settings
    • Apply the changes and click Okay.

    You can get rid of this error by applying either of the two steps. And if none of the given methods work, then you are required to consult the experts at Canon Printer Customer Care.


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