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    If you are encountering issues while logging into your McAfee My Account, then there might be several reasons which are leading towards this malfunction. Hence it becomes essential that the user understands the issue first. When the accurate issue is found for the error that you are facing, then you would be able to effectively solve the issue. It is also possible that you are typing the wrong email address or password, it is even possible that the site automatically submits an invalid email address or password that could result in your being logged in with incorrect information. In such a situation the users can promptly connect with the customer care to solve the McAfee Login issue.

    Methods to undertake in order to solve this issue

    The steps that you can undertake in order to solve this issue is as given below:

    Retype your email address

    1. Go to the link “McAfee home”.
    2. Then click on the option of Log out, if it is being displayed
    3. Now take the cursor over McAfee My Account and then click on the option of Sign In from the list of option available
    4. If you see that your email address is automatically being displayed in the specified field, delete it
    5. Now fill in your registered email address and password and then click on the option of login
    6. Then follow all the system instructions.

    If you are encountering the error message when you are trying to log in, there is a high possibility that you have entered the incorrect email address or password. There are situations where there is a difference in the email address before and after the software has been recognized.

    If you have entered the accurate email address, then there is a chance that you might have entered the incorrect password. One thing that the users of must keep in mind is that the password used for McAfee account login is case sensitive. It was initially not case sensitive by they have changed this aspect later on. Hence when you now type the password you must fill in using the exact case that you had used while creating it.

    If you are unable to recall the exact case that you had used while creating the password, then the best option that you would have is to reset it using the password recovery option. The process that you must undertake to reset your password is as given below:

    1. Access the link “McAfee home”.
    2. You would then have to click on the option of My Account from the list of options that are provided to you.
    3. Now you would have to click on the option of Forgot Your Password.
    4. Further, you can follow the on-screen instructions that are given to you to successfully reset the password of your account.

    If you are unable to solve the issue you are facing with McAfee Sign in, then the best alternative that you would have is to connect with the customer care. They would then provide you with the best solutions for overcoming the issue in hand.


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