How to Install Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager on the server

  • The Sage 50 Connection Manager handles access to the MySQL database. The Connection Manager is responsible for updating data changes in real-time so that you do not need to manually save the changes. It is important to install the Connection Manager on the server or the computer that stores your company data. This article will help different situations to help you install sage customer support number and ask for additional information in case you are not sure about how to proceed. There are four situations within which you need to install the Sage software.

    Steps to install Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager on Server

    When you want to install the Connection Manager on the server you need to make sure the same version of the Sage 50 Connection Manager is installed and running on the server as well as the workstation. You can refer to the steps below to complete the installation:

    Option I: Download the Program

    • Login to the server location and download the Sage 50 software
    • Run the file, select your language and then click ‘Install’ to proceed
    • Select the option to configure your Windows firewall to work with Sage 50
    • If nobody uses the program on the server click ‘Advanced’
    • For the Sage 50 Server Components click ‘Server-only’
    • Once the process is complete click ‘Finish’ and exit Sage

    Option II: Full Product is downloaded on another system

    • Go to ‘My Computer’, open the ‘C’ drive and locate the Sage folder
    • Click Sage 50 Accounting Installer Files-CDN Release
    • For the release, you will need to enter the correct version of Sage
    • Use a USB key or a shared drive to copy the folder to the server
    • Go to the server, run the ‘Launch.exe.’ file and click ‘Install Sage 50’
    • Choose the language and select ‘Yes’ for the Windows firewall setup
    • From the two options, typical and advanced, select ‘Advanced’
    • Click ‘Server-only’ and wait for Sage 50 to finish installing

    Option III: Update was already installed on another system

    • Turn on the system that already has the update installed
    • Open the ‘C’ driver and navigate to the Sage Software folder
    • Go to ‘Simply Accounting’ and select ‘Download’
    • Go through the list and find the latest update installed
    • It will most probably look like this “2019: SA_20191CPCP1.exe
    • Go ahead and copy this file to the server or a USB stick
    • You can run this update on the server and it will automatically update the Sage 50 Connection Manager

    Option IV: Update was installed on another system but without USB Drive

    • Visits ‘’ and select "Sage 50 --Canadian Edition"
    • Go to the Knowledgebase and look for "Popular Downloads"
    • Select the correct Sage 50 software you want and press "Download Now"
    • Save the download and run it on your computer to install the required updates on Sage.

    If you are not sure about the steps mentioned in this article you should call the sage tech support number and speak to a certified expert to clarify your doubts before you proceed.


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