Steps To Fix Gmail Sync Error Gmail Not Receiving Emails


    There can be numerous reasons preventing your Gmail account from receiving emails from others. The problem could be arising because you have insufficient space for new email, or your device is not properly connected to the internet network, or maybe your incoming emails are getting filtered to some other folder. With so many reasons capable of affecting your incoming emails in Gmail, it can be a bit tricky to fix this issue. In order to overcome this problem, you are suggested to follow the information provided below.

    • Firstly, update the app with the latest versions available. Sometimes, just updating the app solves the sync issue. Updating the app with the new version will solve most of the problems
    • Just restart your device. Looks funny but works most of the time
    • Verify your connectivity or network. Make sure it is working properly or not.
    • Check your Gmail settings whether the sync is on. Yet times, we mistakenly turn it off
    • Open Gmail app and then tap the menu button on the top left corner. Go to settings. Tap on your account. Make sure you have selected sync Gmail
    • Clear your Gmail app data. Open your phone’s setting app. Firstly, select Apps and Notifications. Next select App Info then Gmail. Now, select storage and then clear data. Tap Ok.

    Once you complete the above steps. Restart your device. This will mostly resolve your problem.

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