How to fix TurboTax error code 1603

  • TurboTax is a software which is used all over the world by users to manage all their tax filing needs. The services and features that this software provides the users are what makes them one of the most preferred taxation software all across the globe. The users are highly satisfied with the services that this software provides to them, but there are instances where the users would encounter issues while using the services of TurboTax software. One such issue is the error code 1603. This is an issue which closely associated with the Windows installation error. When the users face this issue, their work on the TurboTax will get to a standstill. Hence it becomes all the more important that the users find effective ways in which they can solve the error code at the earliest. This issues can be solved by the users by taking up some simple troubleshooting methods. The users can find the most effective ways to solve this issue by going through this blog. They even have the option of connecting with Turbotax technical support phone number to avail assistance regarding this issue.

    Steps through which you can solve TurboTax Error Code 1603

    Step 1:

    This issue arises when the TurboTax software is facing issues with some other software that is functioning on the system. When the user faces such an issues, the steps to rectify this issues is as given below:

    • With the help of Task Manager, analyze all the programs which are functioning on your system.
    • You would now have to close all the programs which are running on your system using the facility of ‘End process’ which is available on the Task Manager.
    • Once you are done with this, check whether the issue with TurboTax software has been resolved or not.
    • If the issue still pertains, then you would have to find the exact software which is causing the malfunction.
    • Once you are aware of the exact software, uninstall it from your system.
    • After you have uninstalled the software causing the malfunction, try using TurboTax software.
    • If the software is functioning alright, then you can later reinstall the program that you had uninstalled.

    Step 2:

    You could also face this issue with your TurboTax software when the MS Visual C++ updates are pending on your system.  The ways in which you can solve this issue is as given below:

    • The first thing that you would have to do is to open the ‘Programs’ window and then access the feature section on your system.
    • Now you would have to search for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package and then opt to uninstall it.
    • After you have successfully uninstalled the said package from your system, you would have to reboot the computer.
    • After the process of the reboot is complete, download the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ package.
    • Once you have accurately done all the steps mentioned above, you would then be able to rectify the issue that you have been encountering.

    If the issue remains unsolved even after multiple efforts to solve it, the best option that you would have in hand is to connect with the Turbotax customer service phone number. They would guide you through the process of solving the issue with immediate effect.


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