How to use TurboTax online

  • Tax season is quite a stressful time for most people because it involves a lot of paperwork and calculations. There are many forms that need to be filled and account statements that you need to analyze before you actually file your tax returns. However, the perks of living in the 21st century mean that you can use technology to streamline almost any task, including filing your tax returns. TurboTax is a software that can help you reduce the amount of paperwork involved in filing your tax returns and can even help you increase your tax refund. The software is developed by Intuit and was initially released almost two decades ago. Since different people have different tax requirements, Intuit has designed different versions of TurboTax to meet the different needs of the taxpayers. You can call the TurboTax tech support number and consult a trained expert find out which TurboTax plan is best suited for your needs. At the same time, you can also go through this article to get a general overview of how to use TurboTax to file your tax returns online.

    Steps to use TurboTax online

    As mentioned earlier in the article the exact steps on how to use TurboTax online depends very much on the kind of taxpayer you are and on which edition of TurboTax you are using. Below you will find the basic steps you can use as a reference when filing your tax returns with TurboTax:

    • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to sign in to your Intuit account. In case you do not have an account you can visit the Intuit webpage, enter your personal contact details and create a new account. This account can be used for all Intuit products.
    • Step 2: After you log in, you need to give TurboTax your financial data. To simplify the process for taxpayers, TurboTax works like an interview where users answer basic questions about their financial and business data and their current situation. E.g. Do you have children? Do you pay rent?
    • Step 3: TurboTax will automatically calculate the amount of tax you need to pay. TurboTax is up-to-date with the latest tax laws so that you can be sure you get accurate calculations whenever you use TurboTax.
    • Step 4: You can take a snap of your W-2 form so as to verify your data. Once you are satisfied with the calculations and data provided TurboTax will secularly upload all the relevant information so that the right tax forms are filled.
    • Step 5: When you finally your tax returns online you will get a confirmation email from the IRS letting you know your tax return was accepted. Now you can track your return online itself and receive notifications as soon as your tax refund is deposited in your bank account.

    Once again, you must keep in mind that the steps mentioned in this article may differ based on your tax requirement. You can call the TurboTax technical support number and ask for additional technical assistance if you ever have a problem filing your tax returns online.


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