Nashville Hermitage Bathroom One of the Coolest One – Must See!

  • Nashville is lively and vibrant in all sense. The musical city is endowed with a whole lot of attractions and things to do on the part of travelers spreading worldwide.

    This is a place to best hangout with friends and loves ones has everything that you wish for including nightlife, museum, music scene, botanical gardens, impressive landscape and more.

    But, grab our much attention is the world’s coolest men’s bathroom inside the Nashville Hermitage Hotel.

    You must be astonished to find what in the world we are talking about such a personal space like that of a bathroom. But the matter is quite fascinating for you to know about its surprising things.

    The Hermitage Hotel of Nashville

    Actually, more than 100 years old Hermitage Hotel of Nashville is the city’s iconic symbol. Inside the hotel features state of the art architecture with plush art decorative and designs on every single floor.

    But what catches much of your attention is the public lavatory for men only. Space appears completely dazzled up with shiny floor and wall. The green textured tills, terrazzo floor, and smooth equal of all sure to bring an intimidating effect on you.

    Additionally, the two seated shoeshine chairs situated on one side of the bathroom bring further astonishment to this bathroom.

    So, when are you going to avail Sun Country Airlines last minute flight deals to reach Nashville and look before the eyes America’s best and well-awarded bathroom?