What Are Some Reasons Why Someone Cannot Log into Facebook?

  • Why won’t Facebook Let Me Log In?

    The act of logging into Facebook, for Countless, has become a daily or near-daily habit all around the world. We spend hours on the social networking website, chatting with friends, sharing advice and memes, running businesses, buying and selling products as well as playing games.

    While signing up and opening an account on Facebook is a relatively straightforward and simple procedure, sometimes obtaining your current account can end up being problematic.

    Unfortunately, this can occur for a variety of reasons.

    So why won’t Facebook let you log in?

    Reasons Why You Cannot Log Into Facebook and Easy Solutions

    While the scenarios may be infrequent; it’s Good to know there are options out there. Prior to attempting to address your situation, take a moment to browse Facebook’s Bugs and Known Problems page. You might find others with the exact same issue, and more to the point, you might just find a formal response from Facebook as to a known technical (or other) problem.

    Should you fall short there, then these would be the most Commonly used approaches to solve your login problems:


    1. Forgot Your Password: Select forgot your password under the log in box, input the necessary security details, and you’ll receive an email prompting you to reset.
    2. Incorrect or Forgotten Email: An erroneous email login effort may simply be because of an accidental uppercase letter. If you still have no luck, try using any available option on the “Recover Your Account” page.
    3. Cache or Cookies Issues: Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and then log in as normal.
    4. Caps Lock: Similar to the email problem, make certain you aren’t typing your password in together with the caps lock on. Make sure it’s off.
    5. Occasionally there could be temporary problems with one.
    6. Hacked: If you believe your FB accounts are hacked and cannot log in as a consequence of someone altering your email address or password, then you need to contact Facebook support for the fast restoration of your Facebook account. http://www.facebook.com/help/
    7. Account Disabled by Facebook: Facebook seeks to keep along with fake accounts and eliminates profiles that it deems aren’t real people. If Facebook detects your profile may not be legitimate, they might have disabled your accounts. The message you may notice will resemble that this”Confirm Your Identity” page.

    Malware Concerns

    If Facebook finds malware on your computer, They won’t let you log on.

    There are a number of steps you can take here.
    • Firstly you need to run your anti-virus software to verify your computer is actually clean.
    • If all comes up OK, add a few sites to your trusted sites. Trusted websites are sites that you’re authorizing your computer access to; Quite simply, you’re saying, this website is secure, please move. (In Internet Explorer: Tools – Internet Options – Security – Reputable Sites) https://www.facebook.com/ andhttp://www.facebook.com/
    • It’s a great idea to also include in your trusted sites’ listing any antivirus software you have installed on your PC.

    If malware is found, you will see a message similar to the One shown below stating your account has been temporarily locked. You’re prompted to choose to continue and work through the steps to ensuring that your computer is clear.

    log into my facebook account without password

    Facebook Login: Malware – Temporary Locked

    log into facebook with phone number

    Facebook Login: Malware – Temporary Locked

    iPad & Smartphone
    • If you’re attempting to log into Facebook in an iPad or iPhone and the login is spinning, reboot your device by holding the house and start button for a couple of seconds.
    • Alternatively, delete the Facebook app and reinstall it.
    • Ensure you have the latest version from the app store.
    Report a Login Issue
    • If all else fails, then report a Login Issue directly to Facebook
    • Login Issues
    • When attempting to log into Spotify using Facebook Credentials, it is normal to have login problems.
    Common Problems
    • It logs to get a few seconds, and then you are sent to a page that states”new to Spotify? Start here! And continues to cycle.
    • You’re presented with a”Spotify has stopped working” display and it blacks out.
    • Uninstall and reinstall the app
    • Try selecting”I am fresh to Spotify. Let us go” (even though you’re not) and it should take you straight in.
    • Try retrieving your Spotify username (that will be a series of numbers if you have a Facebook account) and then setting a device password then use those to sign to your account rather than using Facebook.
    • Try disconnecting and reconnecting your accounts from Facebook with the desktop application (Edit > Preferences > Social Network)

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    The expectation, these all above show methodology will help you inWhy won’t Facebook Let Me Log In? in each situation? Anyway, in the event that you require more help, you can contact Facebook Customer Service Number +1-(800)-499-8497day in and day out to have a moment recuperation of your Facebook login problem.