How do I log into my McAfee account?

  • Mcafee download already have an account

    When McAfee download has accounts then you’ve completed the activation process you’ll be able to login to your own McAfee Account and go to subscription section of your account and then you’re able to see the button there like Add a device. Now you can start the download and installation of your McAfee product on the internet.

    How do I log into McAfee my account?

    • 2 Click Have a Website? In the top right corner
    • Click Sign In Close to the top of the display

    If you can not remember your password or are unsure about the email address that you used to make your account, click here for instructions on the best way best to reset your password.

    If you’re looking to upgrade the email address in your verification page or people profile.

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on the avatar image in the top right corner and choose Account from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click… icon next to Account and then select Change Email Address.
    4. You will get a confirmation email in your email address.

    How do I add other users to my account?

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on the avatar image in the top right corner and select Account
    3. Select Users in the left navigation bar
    4. Click Insert User near the top
    5. Fill out the required information and click on Add User

    Notice: You have to be an administrator to add customers.

    mcafee total protection login

    How can I see the My Account purchase history?

    Log into your McAfee accounts to view your history:

    1. Open a web browser and visit
    2. Hover your mouse over My Account, and then click Sign In from the list of alternatives.
    3. Type your registered email address and password, then click Log In.
    4. Mouse over My Account and select Subscriptions.
    5. Click Purchase History to observe the invoice history of the product you purchased.

    Strong features to shield every device

    1. Parental Controls

    Keep them safe online with our powerful parental control attributes.

    1. Secure Storage

    Never lose another file again with protected storage, including McAfee file lock.

    1. Secure Payments

    Secure your obligations and trades for the ultimate peace of mind.

    1. Password Manager

    Produce and store complicated passwords and never forget another password.

    1. Prevent Data Theft

    Keep your identity secure and never compromise your personal data.

    1. Anti-Malware Protection

    Auto-detect emails hoping to expose one to malware or trick you into giving away your own data.

    1. Mobile Protection

    Locate and lock your lost cell phone using your centralized McAfee account.

    1. Anti-Spam Protection

    Ultimate protection from phishing, spyware, and spam.

    The expectation, these all above show methodology will help you in McAfee password recuperation in each situation. Anyway, in the event that you require more help, you can contact McAfee support phone number+1-800-499-8497 day in and day out to have a moment recuperation of your lost password.