How to Fix TurboTax for Windows Update Issues

  • turbotax support - TurboTax is slowly transforming the way millions of taxpayers file their tax returns. The software uses an innovative question and answer method to understand the tax requirement of each individual user and then prepare the appropriate tax forms. While using TurboTax, you must remember to keep updating the software to ensure you get the latest features and tools to file your tax returns. However, in case you find it difficult to update TurboTax, you can always call the turbotax customer support phone number and ask for additional technical assistance. Additionally, this article will give you some helpful suggestions you can use to fix TurboTax update error on your Windows computer.

    Steps to fix TurboTax for Windows Update Issues

    Users often encounter an error while attempting to update TurboTax in Windows because the wireless internet connection is interrupted or simply does not work. You can refer to the suggestions mentioned below to troubleshoot TurboTax for Windows update issues:

    • Step 1: Use a wired, broadband connection with your TurboTax software.
    • Step 2: Open a new session on your browser and visit a new webpage.
    • Step 3: If the other webpage does not open, restart your wireless router.
    • Step 4: Follow this order and switch off the computer, router, and modem.
    • Step 5: Wait for about a minute and then switch on the devices one by one.
    • Step 6: In case the download freezes at 0% or 100% do not end the process.
    • Step 7: Wait for at least half an hour or more before ending the download.
    • Step 8: If the Updater closes prematurely run the disk cleanup tool to clear any unnecessary files and empty the Recycle Bin.

    Once the unwanted data is clear, you can click the ‘Check for Updates’ option once again and resume the TurboTax update process where it left off.

    Step to manually update TurboTax for Windows

    In case you still cannot update TurboTax even after implementing the suggestions mentioned above, you can try performing a manual update to resolve the issue. You can refer to the steps given below to get the latest version of TurboTax on Windows:

    • Step 1: Close all the application on your system, including TurboTax
    • Step 2: Visit the TurboTax support page and download the 175 MB update
    • Step 3: Save the TurboTax update file to a folder on your Windows device.
    • Step 4: Locate the “w_perrelsuperpatch” update file and double click it to install the manual update.

    You must remember that the steps mentioned above can only be used to update the federal version of the TurboTax software. If you have any trouble completing the updates, you can call the turbotax tech support phone number and speak to a trained expert to clarify your doubts and finish updating the software. Experienced software technicians are available 24 hours a day to give you the best solution for any error you may face while filing your tax returns on TurboTax.


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