How to fix disappearing Emails in AT&T?

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    People often use their AT&T email accounts to share important business documents or private data with their contacts. However, just as a piece of paper can get lost or a document can be misplaced, in the digital world, it is common for emails to disappear because of certain technical error. You lose some important emails or data because of a technical error you can call the Contact AT&T Email Support Phone Number and ask for additional help to solve the issue. Additionally, you can also go through this article to learn some helpful tips on what you can do to fix the disappearing email problem on your AT&T account.

    Points to keep in mind before resorting AT&T emails

    If you find that a few of your emails are missing, you do not need to worry because A&T has certain data recovery features that can help you resolve the situation. However, before you put in a request to recover lost email, here are a couple of points you need to keep in mind:

    • AT&T will only be able to restore emails sent/received in the last seven days
    • Once you submit a ‘Missing Mail Restore’ request, it cannot be canceled
    • The mail restore feature is not a 100% guaranteed success
    • If the emails are recovered, they will be in the original folders
    • In case you cannot locate the AT&T restored emails check the trash folder

    For future reference, AT&T recommends all users back up any important email sent or received on their accounts over the last seven days.

    Steps to fix disappearing email in AT&T

    The Missing Mail Restore feature on your AT&T email account allows you to get back messages that disappeared or were deleted accidentally. You can follow the steps below to restore your missing emails and fix the disappearing email problem:

    • Step 1: Open your internet browser and go to the official AT&T webpage
    • Step 2: Go to the ‘Sign in now!’ section enter your AT&T ID or email
    • Step 3: Enter your current AT&T email password and click ‘Sign In.’
    • Step 4: Go to your email settings and click ‘Missing Mail Restore.’
    • Step 5: Provide the relevant details and fill the mail restore form
    • Step 6: Answer the questions related to your AT&T emails and proceed
    • Step 6: Once the restore request form is complete review the details and provider a short description if the error you are facing, i.e. disappearing email.

    When the request form is complete click ‘Submit’ and log out of your AT&T account, now you just have to wait for AT&T to process your request and then you will be contacted regarding any updates to your account. In case your mail restore application does not go through you can call the Contact ATT Support Phone Number and ask for additional technical assistance to find out how to fix the problem. If you notice that your emails and messages are often disappearing, you should take action as soon as possible since it may indicate that your account is compromised.

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