How to Change Gmail Password

  • I usually have the habit of forgetting the Gmail password. If even you are the one then you have to know how to do Gmail password change? And in that case, you will surely need to know how to change the Gmail password. It is really not hard if you learn it ones. When you see many webmail server you will find that in many places we follow the same steps for other mail web server too.

    ·     First, open and go to the sign in page

    ·     After that, you have to click on "forgot password?"

    ·     Then you will be asked to enter the email id and click on next

    ·     As the next step, you will be asked how to send the authentication code? You can choose the recovery email option or through recovery phone number?

    ·     But well, it finally depends upon you to choose the choice of these two and if you don’t have them then you have to choose the option of these two or you have to click on have no access to these then you can choose the option of security question.

    ·     If you go with the email or phone option then you will receive the authentication code and you will have to enter it manually after that you will be taken to the new page where you have to enter the new password in two boxes.

    ·     Let's consider that you choose the option of security questions and after answering the questions you have to click on next. And then you will be taken to the page where you can create the new password by entering it in two boxes.

    ·     After all, this has been done, you have to go through one thing that is you can choose any of the two steps above. 


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