Fix A Broken Keyboard Of Apple Macbook

  • Is your keyboard on Mac not working? Have you spilled your drink or something on it? You may require changing some software settings. The methods to fix a broken keyboard rely on whether it’s wired or wireless. It might be the whole keyboard that is defected or some keys that aren’t responsive.

    Let it be any situation your works stops in between anyhow. Let’s fix it with Apple Repair Service and start working again. Follow these ways and in case of any difficulty, connect with the experts.

    If the broken keyboard is wired and not working properly with your Mac:

    • Check for power: If all the keys of the keyboard aren’t working then check if it is plugged into your Mac properly. At the back of your Mac, check the USB port & make sure the keyboard hasn’t been jerked out.
    • Change the connection by trying a different USB port if you have one. If other USB ports works then the problem lie in the USB port, not the keyboard.
    • Restart your MacBook: While rebooting, the Mac may recognize the keyboard. You can also log out of your user account and sign into a different one if you possess more account on your Mac. Click the Apple Logo in the top left & select Log out. Sign into another one and check it the issue is rectified.

    If the wireless keyboard is in use:

    • Test the power: If you are using an Apple’s wireless keyboard, then check if the battery is fully charged and the keyboard is turned on. Press the Power button on the right-hand side of the keyboard to turn it on. A green light will appear. You can change or replace the battery if you find it faulty.
    • Check the Bluetooth connection to the Mac: Go to System Preferences and click Bluetooth. See it is enabled and turn it on if it isn’t on. 

    There are more issues related to the keyboard and fix the faulty keyboard. All the process varies according to problems and its root cause. Contact MacBook Repair Center and get the appropriate resolutions from the specialists. Just give us a call or mail your problem to get result-oriented solutions.


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