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    The users of HP Printer at times come across the issue where their printer goes into the error state. This issue often occurs after the users update the system, which would then cause the connected device to stop functioning. It gets really annoying when the users face this issue and are unable to print the documents which they require. When the users face this issue, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer does not help at all. There are also times when the computer screen freezes and then you would face malfunction in executing the process of printing. The users can easily solve this issue without having the need put in a lot of effort. The users have the option where the users can learn more about this issue by connecting with HP Customer Care Phone Number. Users can understand the process of fixing this issue by going through this blog.


    Ways to solve the issue of HP printer in error state

    If you wish to solve the error state on your HP printer, then the instructions which the users would have to follow are as stated below:

    • Once you receive this error message, then check that the printer is switched on.
    • Make sure that the printer cable in accurately inserted into the system.
    • Ensure that the device is running low on ink or paper, also check whether there some paper which is jammed inside the printer.


    Solve the issue using Device Manager

    • Press the start button, which is on the taskbar and then type “devmgmt.msc.” Once you gain access to the Device Manager which is displaying the list of devices, click on the ‘View’ option and then ‘Show hidden devices’ from the drop-down menu.
    • Now find the ports (LPT) and then right-click on it, now further choose the properties from the context menu. This would then launch the Properties Wizard.
    • You would now have to switch yourself to the Port Settings tab and then check on the option which would Enable Legacy Plug and Play. Once you have done so click on OK.
    • Once you have completed the steps stated above, restart your system and save all the changes you have recently made.


    Uninstall the Device Driver and Restart the system

    • The user would have to click on the printer from the list on the Device Manager to expand the said list. Once the list is expanded, then see the printer which is connected and then right-click on it and choose to uninstall it from the context menu.
    • You would now see a warning message which would say, “You are about to uninstall this device from your system.” You would then have to press on “Yes” and then allow the driver to uninstall completely.
    • Further, you have to reboot your system and then verify that your printer is not in Error State. Once you have cleared this, you would be able to resume your work again.


    If you face any issue while incorporating the steps mentioned to solve this issue, then you have the option of connecting with HP Tech Support Number. This service is available for the users to use on a 24-hour basis and is accessible through a toll-free number.


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