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    What is the most common issue in a laptop that can occur with the passage of time? Yes, you are a right to issue of overheating. If you are thinking the overheating issue is any general issue then you are wrong because it can cause a lot of other errors to occur like the random crashing of Windows, blue screen errors and loss of data. You may never realize that these issues are caused due to overheating and when you know it then it is too late because till that time your motherboard is burnt. If you also are witnessing the overheating issue in your laptops then just call HP Customer Service Number to fix the issue.


    How will you know that your Laptop is Overheating?

    If your HP laptop is hot it doesn’t mean it is overheating. The sign that can let a user know that their laptop is overheating is when their fan is running at the maximum or high speed or when you are witnessing the reduced performance in your laptop.


    What causes overheating of HP Laptops?

    The answer is a combination of two words that is insufficient cooling. The potential reason for the overheating issue can be

    • Laptop fans are clogged up with dust
    • Due to degenerated thermal grease which can be found between the heat sink and CPU


    How can you fix the overheating issue of HP Laptops?

    The first and foremost step thing which users need to do when they see that their HP Laptop is overheating is to clean the fan which is known for offering to cool to CPU and graphics card. Before you begin to do this on your own, just refer to this blog for the troubleshooting steps:

    • Turn off your HP Laptop and remove the battery
    • Unplug the power strip of your laptop
    • And now carefully clean the fans by using the cotton dipped into a drop of alcohol. Ensure that alcohol is evaporated before you reconnect your laptop with a power source
    • Try using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt that have clogged up on your fan.
    • You can also clean it by sucking out the hot air of your laptop with a vacuum cleaner


    What can you do to avoid this overheating issue?

    If you want to avoid this issue then just keep these points in mind:

    • Always keep the laptop on Hard and flat surface, avoid keeping it on uneven surfaces like pillow, blanket or anything that is obstructing the airway of the laptop.
    • You can also try to use a cooling pad for avoiding this issue of overheating


    These are some precautions which people have to take while using the laptops. If you have diagnosed the issue of overheating in the start only then you could have avoided any loss of data. You can also take help of certified professionals to know more about this issue as they know all the risks which are associated with it and what can be done to resolve it. So just call HP Technical Support to get all your problem resolved.


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