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    The best thing about the HP wireless printers is that they are fast and secure. They also have the added advantage of being connected to a network so that multiple users or devices can use the HP printer for printing. HP wireless printers are extremely useful as you do not need to spend money to set up and maintain a wired network in your office or at home. There are many HP Wireless Printer available in the market each with its own unique features. You can call the HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number to discuss your printing needs and accordingly find out which is the best printer for you. Once you have figured out which printer you want you can go through the steps mentioned in this article to connect your HP Printer to your Mac device.


    Steps to add your Wi-Fi capable printer to Mac

    1. Use the LCD screen to switch on your HP printer and select the Wi-Fi network you want to use. You also have the option of connecting your HP Printer to the network via the Ethernet cable
    2. Use the touchscreen on your HP Printer to enter the Wi-Fi password so that the printer can access the network
    3. Open your Mac device and click on the Apple icon and select the software update option.
    4. If your device identifies any HP Printer driver or software updates you need to follow the necessary instructions to update them.
    5. Go to the Apple icon again and navigate to the ‘System Preferences’ option and go to the print and fax section.
    6. Click the small plus sign below the printer box and choose the HP Printer you want to add.


    Steps to complete a temporary USB setup

    1. Switch on your HP wireless printer and use a USB cable to connect the printer to your Mac device
    2. Visit the HP website to get instructions on how to install the printer software for your HP Printer on Mac
    3. Run the ‘Set up Assistant’ applications so that you can start configuring your printer.
    4. Enter the Wi-Fi password to connect your HP printer to the network. Be sure to connect your HP printer and your Mac device to the same Wi-Fi network.
    5. Go to the system preferences on your Mac device and follow the necessary steps to add your HP wireless printer driver to Mac.
    6. Once the printer driver is installed run a software update to make sure your system is up-to-date and then remove the USB cable from the printer and your Mac computer.


    Users must note that sometimes the installation steps to connect HP Printers to Mac may vary depending on the type of printer you want to set up and which version of Mac you are using. If you find that the steps given in this article do not match the options you have on your devices you can contact HP Printer Customer Care Phone Number and ask for technical assistance.


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