How to set up Amazon Echo Alexa

  • Amazon Echo is a range of smart speakers which is a product of Amazon. Echo connects to Alexa which is a voice-activated artificial intelligent assistant and it wakes up when it hears the ‘wake word’ Alexa. The speaker is always on and it is always listening, so the moment it hears the wake word it gathers the voice commands and relays them to Alexa which interprets the command and give back an appropriate response. The most appealing aspect of the Echo is easy to use the feature. You can use Amazon Echo to play music, listen to the news, and make appointments, book restaurants and also to book cabs and search flight prices etc. The capabilities are infinite as Alexa gathers more and more information, it becomes smarter every day. If you want more detailed insight into the world of Amazon Echo, you can call Amazon Echo Alexa support

    One of the most common and vocal issues about the Amazon Echo is the process of setting it up. Setting up gadgets and products is always a nuisance and it is expected that people will always have complications or problems with the setup process. For all those who are looking for the correct way to set up your Echo device, you can follow the steps below:

    • Download the Alexa app.
    • Plug in your Echo and wait for the indicator light to turn Blue. Then wait for it to turn to Orange again, this means it is ready to be configured.
    • Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and select the Echo’s Wi-Fi connection which will be displayed as ‘amazon xxx’.
    • Launch the Alexa app to start the setup process and select the type of Echo you want to set up. The app will take you directly to the configuration process.
    • Enter your Amazon account credentials and agree to Alexa user conditions.
    • Select the Wi-Fi from the list that has been detected by Echo. You will now be connected to your home’s network and you can now start using it.
    • Now activate Alexa by simply saying the ‘wake word’ Alexa. You can change the wake word if you don’t like the word, Alexa.

    The above steps will guide you to set up your Echo device without any complications. However, if you face any kind of problem or error, you can call Amazon Echo Alexa tech support to get help from skilled technical supervisors, who will help you solve the problem. This support number is available 24x7 and it is toll-free.

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