How to print from AOL Desktop Gold?

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    Printing directly from the software has become a dime in a dozen scenario. It is quite common now to print an email, document, or image straightly from the software. Once you download AOL Desktop Gold in the system and work with your emails or download any attachment or file, you can print directly from the software. If you are looking forward to printing the contents of the email, only the text will be printed. To print images or attachments, you need to download them separately. For all the netizens, this feature in AOL Gold is quite preferred. Before you start with the printing process, ensure that the printer is pre-installed in the software, the ink cartridges are full, and the input tray is loaded with the paper. Connect the printer to the USB port of the system and the power cord to the main switch. And, then start with printing different documents from AOL Desktop Gold.

    Printing an email from AOL Gold

    • Click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon in the system.
    • Enter your login details and then navigate to the Mailbox.
    • Open Inbox and click on the email that you wish to print.
    • Either click on the ‘Print icon’ on the left panel or use shortcut ‘Ctrl + P.’
    • Set the requirements in your printer and print the email from your device.

    Printing attachments from AOL Desktop Gold

    • Launch AOL Desktop Gold in the system
    • Type your email address and password
    • Click on the Mail icon
    • Choose the email through which you wish to print the attachment
    • Right-click on the attachment and save the file in the system.
    • Open the file and print it directly

    Printing website from AOL Desktop Gold

    Once you have opened any website in AOL Desktop Gold and you wish to print it for future reference, you can execute the given process.

    • Click on the ‘File’ icon
    • Use the shortcut ‘Ctrl + P’ and print the website.
    • Ensure that the default printer is selected.

    Although, it is quite easy to print from the software, sometimes it can stir up a hornet’s nest. To avoid this trouble, ensure that your printer is not out of paper, there is no issue with the ink cartridges. Besides, if there are any conflicting programs, you can disable them. If there lies a problem with the software, then you can uninstall it and install aol desktop gold in the system once again.

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